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Service Descriptions

Text TBuddy Session   Are you on the go?  Not quite comfortable speaking to someone face to face? The Text  T-Buddy™ is just for you!  Texting your  TBuddy™  will be a breeze and you can still receive the emotional support or friend that you need.

Phone TBuddy Session   Like to keep it old school? Well the Phone  TBuddy™ is the right choice for you!  You can schedule a 30 minute appointment where you can speak with your  T-Buddy™.  Whether you need advice or just want to talk, we've got you!

Skype TBuddy Session Your virtual TBuddy is there to talk to you over video chat!  We realize that sometimes its better to see who you are speaking to!  With your virtual TBuddy™ you can schedule a 30 minute appointment to speak with your T-Buddy

In Person TBuddy Session   Do you prefer to talk in person?  Have you ever wanted someone to accompany you to your appointments?  An In-Person TBuddy™ is just for you!  You can schedule a time for you and your TBuddy™ to meet up!

TBuddy Support Group   Our support group meets every Thursday at 7 PM EST. and holds up to 10 attendees.  Since this session takes place over the phone, you are free to participate anywhere in North America.  

Your TBuddy will contact you for your appointment.


TBuddy Support Group

.....because we all need support

Our support group is a judgement free zone where trans masculine all over the world are able to meet and discuss everything going on in their life.  Whether you need support or someone to share good news with, we are here.


Navigating this world as a trans masculine person is not always the easiest and even if you have someone in your life who loves and supports you it's not always the same as having someone who is going through the same experience you are.


That is why we are here!  Each Thursday at 7:30 PM EST our support group meets to discuss the weekly events.  If you need to laugh, cry, or vent.....we are here.  The best part is that our support group takes place over the phone so you can participate from anywhere in North America! 

Skype session support groups will be coming in March so STAY TUNED!


If you are interested, please sign up today!



  • Disclaimer: We are not doctors or mental health professionals, and any advice given is not a replacement for talking to a medical or mental health professional.  If you are experiencing depression or feelings of dysphoria we do suggest you seek professional assistance..

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