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Our Team

Our team is made up of  some amazing folks who are everything from advocates and activists to mental health professionals.  More importantly each TBuddy donates their time because they want to give back to our community.  It doesn't get any better than that!

We consist of a group of transmasculine individuals who are whole-heartedly committed to giving back to their communities. This team consists of all types of amazing people including advocates, activists, and mental health professionals. With each of these individuals having lived experience as a transgender person they are more than qualified to provide not only encouragement, but feedback and resources.

We hands down have some of the best people on our team! Take a moment to check them out!

TBuddy Support Specialists


2 Year TBuddy Support Specialist & Superhero

Malcolm is a 39-year-old trans masculine non-binary queer living on the west coast

2 Year TBuddy Support Specialist & Superhero

Hi, I’m Elliot! I’m 37 years old and live in Connecticut. I grew up in a small, conservative, rural town in Western New York and struggled with my identity for many years before I started my transition at 34. I never realized how wrong I felt in my body until I finally made the decision to transition. I didn’t know any trans people when I was discovering my true self, so I felt very alone and isolated. I volunteer with TBuddy so that I can be the friend I needed for someone else who may be struggling with their own journey.


TBuddy Support Specialist & Superhero
This is Ryan. He is a 29-year-old trans man who spends most of his days working on an 18 wheeler. He’s been on hormones now for 3 years and has a background in substance abuse considering he’s almost 4 years clean! Hiking and disc golf are some of his hobbies.


TBuddy Support Specialist & Superhero
Hi there, Daxton here. I am a 37 yr old Trans man, and seahorse dad. I have a background in education and enjoy helping with youth programs in my area. Currently, I am working as a self-taught woodworker and love creating unique things with style. When I am not in the shop I enjoy spending time with my family hiking, cycling, going to my son’s baseball games/scout events, or just outside enjoying nature. Looking forward to chatting with you.


TBuddy Support Specialist & Superhero
Hello! My name is Carsyn he/him. I began my transition in 2014 (both hrt and top surgery) and am a trans Queer man. I am divorced but now in an incredible relationship with my girlfriend with a few fur babies. I am always happy to share my experience not only in my journey but also my relationship as it relates. I have several years of leadership experience and hold a degree in communication, which often gives me a professional and polished approach. I’m easy to talk to, love to make people laugh, and always pretty open. I look forward to potentially chatting with YOU soon!


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Dani Farrell

TBuddy was founded by Dani Farrell who is a trans activist and writer.  He is also the founder of Trans In Color, a safe space for trans men of color. He has also served as Sr. Strategy Director of the National Trans Visibility March and Editor in Chief of FTM Magazine. He resides in the Washington DC area with his wife and is passionate about helping those in the LGBTQ+ community. Since his transition in 2017, Dani has made it his mission to save as many lives as possible within the trans community and to provide encouragement and support whenever he can.  

Former TBuddy Support Specialists

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